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 Why are Non-toxic Mattresses Important?

Since about a third of our lives are spent in bed, it’s so important to find non-toxic mattresses, so we don’t breathe in harmful chemicals every night. However, finding the best non-toxic mattress can be a challenge. Besides comfort, there are many things to consider when buying a mattress. Continue reading to learn what to look for when purchasing a mattress. 

There are many bedding alternatives available on the market, and it can be challenging to find the best non-toxic mattress. But you need to know what to look for when buying a non-toxic mattress, so you can find a good deal on a quality non-toxic mattress that will protect you ( and your baby) from allergens and toxins.

While it’s all well and good if a mattress is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and has a long lifespan, none of that matters if you can’t sleep well while lying on it. Sleep is an essential part of the three-legged stool of health: nutrition, exercise, and restful sleep. 

Buying a quality mattress can cost you a pretty penny, but it’s worth it for a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, many brands offer discounts and payment plans that best fit your budget.  

Advantages of an Organic Mattress

non-toxic mattresses

The advantages of an organic mattress extend far beyond a good night’s sleep. Organic beds, like organic fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, are responsibly sourced, manufactured, and made with at least 95% organic materials and no harmful chemicals. They provide non-toxic, chemical-free sleep surfaces because most materials come directly from the wild. And fun fact – organic latex foam is sap from tropical rubber trees. It’s baked into a unique foam, and the final product feels a bit like a supportive, comfortable sponge.

Sleeping on the best organic mattress is a great way to protect the environment and your health. Whether you’re in the market for an eco-friendly mattress or trying to reduce your exposure to hazardous compounds, choose your next new mattress with the help of our roundup of the eight top-rated, most refined organic flooring options. 

health benefits of green teaBecause you can spend around 30% of your life on your mattress, you don’t want to sleep on a surface filled with potentially harmful compounds. Opting for a non-toxic mattress made from organic materials is a great way to ensure that your bed contains no formaldehyde or phthalates and is made in an environmentally friendly manner. This is probably a more important step for a good night’s sleep than perhaps having a nice cup of green tea before hitting the sack. 

The Benefits of Non-Toxic Mattresses

Are you aware of the numerous advantages of a non-toxic mattress? Do you know why it’s important to avoid chemicals to protect your health? If so, then it’s time to shift gears and learn what a non-allopathic mattress can offer you. Read on to understand better the benefits of a non-toxic mattress and how these benefits can help you sleep better at night.

Many people aren’t aware that some significant manufacturers use toxic chemicals as fillers in their mattresses. These chemicals are commonly known as PBDEs or polyurethane foam chips. Some companies do use natural PBDEs, but they’re still filled with dangerous chemicals. For instance, one type of popular non-breathing PBDE is known to cause as many as five different kinds of health problems. To learn more about these types of toxic chemicals, read on.

One of the most common complaints from mattress users is allergic reactions to conventional mattresses. When you’re sleeping on a traditional mattress, there’s nowhere for your body to go to absorb moisture and air. It’s because of this that you can experience itchy, scratchy, or even sore joints. Allergy symptoms can range anywhere from mild to severe. These symptoms can even progress to skin rashes or asthma attacks.

Natural latex mattresses naturally repel dust mites and allergens while allowing your body to breathe easier. But these mattresses aren’t without risks. Some health experts have linked allergic reactions to latex to cancers and other serious ailments. The benefits of an organic mattress are that it’s free from all allergens, mold, and bacteria and doesn’t emit these harmful toxins.

Other concerns about latex include the fact that it’s cold and it’s expensive to manufacture. Natural latex mattresses are made using coconut oil and other plant extracts to be more environmentally friendly. Organic Talalay latex mattresses advertise themselves as “green” because they’re made using raw materials that don’t add toxins to the air. Talalay latex mattresses are also much more affordable than conventional mattresses advertised as “green.” Even more impressively, organic mattresses are more durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations.

To learn more about all these benefits of organic mattresses, head down to your local mattress stores. While the vast majority of people are aware that it’s better to choose organic bedding and organic mattress covers, few people are aware of how to tell the natural mattress from the synthetic variety. Synthetic latex, like most synthetic materials, is often sold in box-shaped packs. 

These packs will typically contain both sheet sets and a special foam inserted into the center. The foam will expand when heated up and will make the sheet set firmer.

A more obvious clue that the mattress in question is not a synthetic latex product is if the packing says it’s flame resistant. Flame-resistant materials are generally made out of a polyethylene blend. Polyethene is a manufactured material that is a combination of ethylene and propylene glycol. Chemical flame retardants are added to natural mattresses to make them more resistant to burning and charring.

There are many benefits of a non-toxic mattress, especially if you suffer from any allergies. If you have trouble sleeping or are fatigued easily, you can find relief by sleeping on an organic mattress. Even if you never have problems with sleeping disorders, there’s no harm in buying an organic or all-natural mattress. In addition to sleeping better, you will also save money since you won’t be paying for cleaning chemicals. So the upshot is if you’re ready to buy a new mattress, consider one with natural materials such as wool. 

Be Cautious When Buying Non-Toxic Mattresses

best natural sleep aidsHealing and restorative sleep occur best in a non-toxic, hypoallergenic sleep environment. This does not include toxic chemicals that have flammable retardants sprayed after the production of the bed. Another big misunderstanding is that the hypoallergenicity of organic mattresses does not trigger allergy or chemical sensitivity issues like synthetic mattresses sprayed with flame retardants, such as Tempur-Pedic or Sleep Number beds. This is a marketing ploy, as organic beds are not hypoallergenic at all.

Now, The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally recognised organic textile standard, an important organic certification. Importantly, it is independent certification. This certificate provides assurance that the product (in this case, the bed) meets gots organic and non-toxic standards. Even if they do not sell certified organic beds, many online bed stores display this logo. Usually, one or two mattress sections have this certificate (for example, an organic cotton fabric). So, you would be well advised to read the information and reviews carefully; after all, you don’t want to purchase a bed that only contains organic parts.

How to choose an organic mattress or a natural mattress for a non-toxic bed and healthy sleep.

So, an organic mattress or mattress is of interest to you… good for you! You now know that the piece of furniture you are most likely to spend most of your life in is your mattress. Making it a wise investment is prudent, especially since you may spend 25-40% of your life on it every day! Comfortable sleep often fails to register as important in the daily scheme of things.

Just like with food, you should be able to understand everything about your mattress. Test the mattress companies. The materials list should be manageable and straightforward. Look for natural and certified organic materials such as organic cotton, natural latex, and organic wool. Make sure there are no heavy metals at all. The more transparent a brand is about how it operates and sources key materials, the better. Any claims such as non-toxic, natural, or organic should be backed by reputable certifications such as Made Safe (non-toxic), Greenguard Gold (low-toxic), or Gots (organic). These certifications guarantee that your mattress contains no polyfoams, memory foams, isocyanates, toxic flame retardants, or other harmful chemicals. 

Why Organic Mattresses Are Better Than All Natural Mattresses

Are you having a problem with all-natural mattresses, and how they affect your health? There is no reason to continue sleeping on something that will give you health problems later in life. When people are faced with a dilemma like this, they usually turn to the internet for answers instead of making the wise decision to switch to a more healthy bedding option. 

Organic mattresses are not always more beneficial than all-natural ones. The mattress industry would have you think otherwise. This article will show you why organic mattresses should be your first choice instead of the last choice when it comes to your back.

First of all, understanding what all-natural mattresses are will help you know the difference between them and their alternative counterpart. All-natural mattresses are those that are made from all-natural materials. 

This means that there are no chemicals added to the bed ingredients that will harm you at some stage. Organic mattresses use entirely natural materials and are non-toxic, making them a better choice for your body.

The second problem with all-natural mattresses is the problem faced by the people who continue to purchase them. Since organic mattresses are more expensive than all-natural mattresses, many people cannot afford to make the switch. As a result, they end up dealing with the symptoms of their lousy sleeping habits instead of doing what they can to solve the problem. These people end up putting off getting better sleep, which only causes their bodies more stress in the long run.

The third problem with all-natural mattresses is that many people who purchase them are faced with health problems. The main problem is that pesticides and chemicals are commonly used in the process of creating organic products. These chemicals cause a range of health conditions, such as severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting. If you have a problem with headaches after using an organic product, it is likely because of the chemicals used during the organic production process. By switching to an all-natural version of the mattress, you will solve the problem and make sure that you are making your body healthier and happier.

Another problem with all-natural mattresses is that they are not as comfortable as their conventional counterparts. The problem with organic latex mattresses is that they do not allow your body to get the support and comfort needed. Instead, you are forced to reposition your body to sleep, making it difficult for you to get the right amount of sleep. The organic foam also does not provide the support that is needed. In addition, the natural materials that are used to create these products are not as safe as the chemicals that go into the process.

Another common problem with all-natural beds is odour. Organic mattresses have more of a chance of having an odour build-up, especially if someone in the house has an allergy to latex or allergies to chemical-based products. It can take a little bit to notice the odour, but it can be tough to remove once it builds up. Now, this isn’t always an issue, and that many organic mattresses have little to no odour at all.

One problem with all-natural mattresses is the fact that they can be pretty expensive compared to conventional beds. There is a slew of reasons for all-natural products costing more than a traditional one. The main problem with all-natural foam is that it is more challenging to create, which drives up the product’s price.

 One of the primary reasons why people have a problem with all-natural mattresses is because of the difficulties associated with them. One of the main problems is that they don’t provide any health benefits to the user, so they should avoid them altogether if they are worried about their health. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are a great solution to this problem. If someone is looking for a new bed to add to their home that offers health benefits, they should consider organic foam.


The best night’s rest is on a mattress that doesn’t make you or the environment sick. Now more options are available than ever to find the best eco-friendly and non-toxic mattress for your family. Look for eco-friendly brands that use certified organic materials, leave a low carbon footprint and guarantee that each bed is free of VOCs so you can sleep soundly every night.

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