Sweat-Proof Makeup: Wearing makeup is part of an individuals’ identity, and many people wear it daily.
If you’re in a hotter environment, maintaining your makeup sweatproof might be a real fight!

A few cosmetic products utilised might be a quick and uncomplicated procedure.
For others, however, it may take a long time for cosmetics to enhance specific face traits, or they may use makeup to disguise features.


Makeup is sometimes known as cosmetics, and the most commonly used components are:

  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Powder

A little Bit Of Sweat-Proof Makeup History

Sweat Proof Makeup artist tips

Makeup has been worn for hundreds of years, and men and women use cosmetics for various purposes.

Cosmetics were a technique to keep complexions light, as a pale complexion was a symbol of privilege.

Many of the products utilised were highly poisonous, causing great harm with extended usage. They often contained arsenic.

In the late 1800s, cosmetics became safer as safer chemicals like zinc oxide were utilised. This era began the well-known brand Rimmel.

Queen Victoria ruled it obscene and for theatre players only.

Makeup became ubiquitous in the 1920s as women worldwide began emulating the big screen actresses in Hollywood.

Why Do We Wear Makeup?

Wearing cosmetics has been happening from ancient times to today.

Here are some points to justify why makeup is needed.

  • Protects your skin from UV damage
  • Maintains a natural look
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Enhances your natural beauty
  • Is a confidence boost
  • Supports your career

Wearing Makeup In Hot Weather

We all look forward to having fun in the sun until we’re in the midst of heat and humidity.

Poolside holidays and summer parties are nice, but if you mix oily skin and sunburn, you can end up looking like a red hot mess?

Summer Makeup Tips For Sweat-Proof Makeup

Summer is the time to be social, but socialising with a melting foundation, smudged eyeliner, and smeared lipstick is not the appearance anybody wants!

That’s why we asked professional makeup artists at Hair and Makeup Brisbane to give their finest summer makeup techniques.

These include ideas and products to help keep your face appearing natural, fresh and beautiful, even while you’re sweating on a hot day.

Start With The Right Moisturizer

Looking for your skin is as crucial as your cosmetics.

Even oily skin requires hydration. Use an oil-free moisturiser and choose an oil-free foundation product, making your face less oily throughout the day, especially in the heat.

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Make Sun Protection A Priority

Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine throughout the year, but summer normally demands an extra attention as we tend to sweat a little more, and what you apply in the morning can be gone by early afternoon!

If you’re actively out in the sun, sunscreen can be required every 2 hours after swimming or significant sweating.

Since reapplying during the day might be challenging, try spray-on sunscreen, which can give you sun protection against UV without removing the items on your face.

Our favourite sunscreen tip is a mineral foundation powder.

The powders comprise physical sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the major constituents. Also ideal for oiler skin types.

It offers excellent coverage when applying many layers or lighter coverage; just one layer over your skin gives some protection and covering.

Note: Not all sunscreens are 100% effective. All require reapplications if you’re in and out of water or sudden.

Be sensitive in the sun – wear sunscreen and keep out of direct sunlight in the warmest portions of the day.

Invest In A High-Performance Makeup Primer

Whether you’re opting for a simple makeup routine or wearing a full face, a makeup primer is a must.

Applying a primer is always worth the extra few seconds!

Apply after moisturiser and before make-up. When perspiration and oil production peak in summer, a primer is a way to go.

A silicone-based primer will assist fine-tune your skin texture, provide a better basis for makeup to attach to, and help make it sweat-proof. You may have to try a few brands before you locate the correct one.

You can also acquire eyelid primers if you tend to get greasy eyelids and despise your eyeshadow smudging or creasing.

Wear Less Makeup

In hot weather, it can not only feel heavy on your skin, but it can also appear like overkill. So keep your makeup light instead of a full face.

Start with sunscreen, follow with a moisturiser or BB cream.

Use mineral foundation powder if you need extra coverage.

Correct defects using your favourite concealer.

Mascara and lipgloss finish this everyday look.

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Glow With Bronzer

For a natural summer glow, nothing better than a well-applied bronzer. Please don’t go wild and use it all over your face.

Use bronzer where you’d naturally get more sun.

Apply a little on your nose around your hairline ( if you wear your hair off your face)

Apply bronzer on your cheekbones. If you wear a strapless top, the bronzer looks beautiful on your shoulders and collar bone.

It helps add dimension to your face, so keep it where you naturally get more colour from the sun.

Powder bronzers are the easiest and least likely to move in the summer heat. If you wear a ponytail or have short hair, you can add a little bronzer to your neck and jawline.

Leave Out The Shimmer

A beautiful dewy glow sounds better than it appears.

There’s a considerable difference between gentle summer glow and excessive brilliance. Avoid creamy foundations or anything too glossy since if you have too much shimmer on your skin, the humidity will make you look extra shiny and sweaty.

Choose Sheer Tones

Rich, deep colours are there, although they can look heavy in summer. Switch to lighter versions of your favourite lip and colours for your look.

If you need extra lip definition, use a lip liner before applying, but choose a neutral hue to keep the feeling light, or try “invisible” lip liner, which uses a clear, waxy layer to prevent bleeding.

Apply lighter-hued eye colours, keep to a single colour and create a colour wash.

Give Your Eyeshadow The Ability To Last

To help make your makeup last longer, avoid using an eye cream directly into your eyelids instead of applying an eye primer. It minimises creasing and creates a superb basis for adhering to the eyeshadow, so it lasts longer.

If you place an eyeshadow over a cream eyeshadow, you can wear it all day—also, double works for eyeliner. Apply your regular pencil or cream liner, then press the dark eyeshadow over the liner with a little angled brush to set it to remain longer.

Leave Out The Dramatic Blush

According to specialists from Hair and Makeup Brisbane, natural-looking blush will stay the whole day and look better!

Try blending crème blush and light powder blush cover or bronzer over it.

Blush defines your face; you don’t want to look flat. Cream blushes, especially wax-based ones, are long-lasting and wonderfully blend with your skin in warm weather.

Pro tip: Want to increase the staying power? 

Dust a fine, translucent powder on top. Just be careful not to apply it too heavily; you want to establish, not matte, your look…

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Play With Fun, Bright Colours

Just as you’re more likely to wear a colourful top or tote a bright bag this season, now is the ideal moment to boost the vibrancy of your makeup palette. Not only do brighter colours look more summery, but they also make your face shine and your skin glow. If you typically wear neutral makeup, experiment with a single face area, such as a vibrant eyeliner, coloured mascara, or sheer lip colour.

Always Choose Waterproof Mascara

Summer requires waterproof or water-resistant mascara.

Mascara is prone to smearing and smudging when it comes into contact with perspiration and moisture, but a waterproof formula will help keep the product in place. Therefore, invest in an excellent waterproof mascara, or have your lashes coloured if you’re blonde.

If you’re looking to streamline your beauty routine, consider getting a lash lift! They provide a stunning appearance with curled and coloured lashes and last between 4 and 6 weeks!

Blott, like you, mean it.

Nothing beats blotting paper for instantly removing unattractive gloss. In comparison to a tissue, it absorbs oil and leaving the skin matte.

You may purchase small packs of blotting sheets, which frequently have a powder finish, allowing you to blot away both the oil and the powder simultaneously. You do not want to use a powder puff on oily skin since the oil will quickly accumulate on the powder puff and turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria!


 Swap Heavy Lipsticks For Lip Stains

For summer, ditch your heavy, matte lipsticks in favour of the season’s simplest trend: Lip Stains or Lip Balms. These long-wearing compositions provide sheer to buildable coverage, making them extremely versatile. Consider soft pink or peach tones for a more classic summer look or orange for a more daring approach.

Have A Stash In Your Handbag

To ensure that you never again appear oily in photographs, stock up on handbag-sized products that are ideal for carrying about to fix your makeup on the move.

As noted previously, blotting paper should be used before applying a powder compact. This prevents the oil from accumulating on your powder press. Always keep a lip product on hand! When the temperature is warm, you tend to drink more, quickly wear away any lip colour you apply.

Always Finish With A Setting Spray

The next step in ensuring that your makeup lasts all day and night is to seal your look using a cosmetic setting spray.

They truly do assist in keeping your makeup in place!

 Go Light On The Fragrance

Our final suggestion, and while it is technically not makeup, is to avoid layering on heavy scents. They can become oppressive in the heat when you are close to other individuals. Rather than that, choose a scent with tart citrus notes of delicate florals.

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