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SAS TV Aerials Blackpool has been delivering professional TV aerial and satellite installation services across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast for over ten years.

SAS – Satellite Aerial Services covers the entire Fylde Coast, providing expert advice, service, and installation on the following:

  • Aerials for Digital Television
  • Extension Cables for Satellite TV Systems
  • Multi-Room Viewing with a TV Mounted on the Wall
  • Sky Link is being installed.
  • RING Doorbells Installation Sky Glass
  • CCTV (closed circuit television) systems

SAS Aerials Blackpool can assist you with a new TV aerial or the installation of Sky Digital, Freeview, or Freesat. We can also professionally wall mount your TV or create a bespoke commercial TV system for your business – all at a great price.

For over 18 years, SAS Aerials has been assisting consumers just like you. We know everything there is to know about aerials and digital television, so you can be assured that when you phone us, you’ll be speaking with qualified, experienced professionals who know what they’re talking about. Our technicians have all been trained and certified. They are all certified to work at any height and carry identification for your safety.

Services through satellite

At a fraction of the cost of others, we install new Sky and Freesat Dishes as well as handle repairs if your system fails. With a Sky or Freesat dish, you may get 200+ channels without any monthly direct debits.

On most properties, installation is simple, and we can even provide multi-room systems!

Blackpool TV Aerials

TV Aerial Fitting Blackpool

Installation of TV Aerials Blackpool in homes and offices to ensure optimum reception of all television and radio stations.

We are completely qualified and skilled in all sorts of aerial repair, as well as advising the best aerial for your specific location on the Fylde Coast.

If you’re having issues with picture quality or missing channels, we can quickly evaluate the problem and typically fix it on the spot. Before you spend money on expensive replacements, give us a call.

Services related to television

All varieties of televisions can be set up and tuned, including wall mounting and installation with no visible wires! Do you require multiroom or simply more television outlets? It’s no problem!

CB Aerials Installation

Specialist CB Aerials are installed throughout Blackpool and the North West. CB aerials must be installed with caution, as some are over 20 feet tall, requiring expert installation for optimal performance.

Installations in Multiple Rooms

Up to eight rooms can be served by a single high-performance aerial. It’s perfect for large families.

Commercial TV Aerial Installations

Aerial installation and maintenance for hotels and guest homes, enabling optimum digital television reception in each room.

Aerials for FM Radio Reception

Hi-fi enthusiasts consider FM radio to be the highest sound quality available for listening to broadcast radio. When listened to through the correct equipment and dedicated aerial, FM has significantly more depth, richness, and a richer sound than DAB.

SAS recommends using a dedicated FM aerial to get the most out of FM. The tremendous range of rich sound offered from analogue FM will be dulled if you use a standard digital TV antenna.

A dedicated tuner is included in a high-end hi-fi separates system, which may cost thousands of pounds. It is extremely suggested that you install a dedicated SAS specialised aerial.

Installation of Freeview Aerials

Freeview is a fantastic system that provides access to dozens of excellent television channels without the need for a monthly subscription. You can use an aerial and a set-top box to access a variety of digital services without needing to set up a direct debit.

A digital recorder can be added to a FreeView system, allowing you to pause, rewind, or record live television, just like a Sky system.

Systems for Commercial Television

You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for someone who specialises in commercial TV systems. SAS Aerials has a long and well-deserved reputation for offering expert advice on bespoke commercial television systems, and after we’ve created one for you, our skilled engineers will install it.

We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you require. The installation will then be tailored to your company’s needs, and our qualified, accredited engineers will complete it quickly and efficiently.

A commercial TV system customised for your business, installed by professionals, and backed by our warranty for peace of mind.

Installation of Sky Glass

The magnificent Sky Glass will be released in 2022! Incredible TVs with professional-grade vision and sound – all powered by your existing broadband connection! There is no need for a satellite dish or an antenna.

All digital channels are available, including Freeview, Sky, Netflix, and others.

SAS Aerials specializes in Sky Glass and other Smart TV installations.

Ring Doorbell Setup

Ring Doorbells allow you to check who is at your front door just from your phone! When your phone rings, an app opens that allows you to see and hear who is at your door.

Every budget can be met with a Ring model. Any type can be professionally installed, and instructions on how to use them can be provided.

Installations of CCTV

A CCTV system may help you safeguard your home and loved ones, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Modern CCTV systems will record and allow you to check footage via your mobile phone.

Blackpool TV Installations

With full integration with your audio and visual equipment, we can install televisions on walls and within cabinets without a single cable in sight.

We can combine systems so they can be operated easily from a single remote control, touch screen, or even your iPad or Smartphone.

We also provide comprehensive audio installations in addition to our TV wall mounting services, ensuring that you get the greatest sound and vision possible.

We make technology that is simple to use and maintain. Our installations will look as nice as they perform, and our high-quality service and support will back them up.

We provide the greatest pre-sales advice in the area and offer and install the ideal Soundbar for your surroundings. Many consumers purchase ineffective and costly soundbars; let us advise and assist you in saving money and improving the quality of your audio.

Setup for a Home Cinema

For your new home cinema or media room installation, we provide the wow-factor. We assist in the planning of audio-visual installations using top brand equipment such as Bose, Harmon-Kardon, Sony, Samsung, and Panos to bring the enchantment of the theatre into your house (popcorn not included).

TV in the bathroom

We have audio-visual items specifically intended for bathroom installations, some of which double as mirrors or art displays (or even family photos). These sets are controlled by a touchscreen or touchpad and are water and steam-proof. Why not relax in the bath with incredible sound and vision?

Blackpool FM Radio Aerials

Audiophile purists consider FM radio to be the best way to listen to radio programming. Analogue FM transmissions provide a better, fuller sound than DAB radio signals, which are digitally compressed and of comparatively low quality.

Your aerial is essential for high-quality FM radio listening. The full benefits will not be available if you use a normal digital TV antenna. A dedicated FM ‘Omni’ aerial, coupled to a good hi-fi tuner, is recommended by SAS.

The tuner is just one component in a high-end hi-fi system, and it can cost thousands of pounds on its own. The tuner is connected to either a pre-amplifier (then power amplifier) or an integrated amplifier, which is then connected to high-quality speakers.

The sound quality of FM Radio is excellent when properly set up.

Why is it necessary to fit a television aerial?

More TV channels are available to us than ever before. With so many options at your fingertips, it’s understandable that you’d want to increase the quality of the video you’re watching. Aerials improve picture quality while also allowing you to connect to additional channels and services. Investing in a good TV aerial might also help you avoid blackouts while watching TV.

Aerials that are commonly used for television

When it comes to selecting a TV aerial that is ideal for your needs, you may be unsure where to begin. The most prevalent varieties of aerial are listed below to assist you in making your decision:

Yagi: Yagi aerials, which are made up of conductive parts that access radio waves, are probably the most prevalent outdoor aerial. Because of their position, inside aerials can be less effective than outdoor aerials.

Indoor aerials, which are usually attached to your television, are available in amplified versions to improve signal strength. They’re ideal if you don’t have the authorization to utilize your home’s roof.

Aerial installation in the loft: Loft aerials are a wonderful option if you don’t like the look of traditional outside aerials or don’t have a suitable outdoor location for one. Unfortunately, because of interference from the roof or walls, their signals are usually not as good as those from outside aerials.

High gain aerials, which are mounted on the roof, are particularly effective and result in greater TV signals and picture quality.

Factors affecting TV aerial installation costs

Cables: If your current cables are not of good quality, or are not suitable for use with your new aerial, you will need to pay for new cables.
Length of pole: Each aerial will need a different type of pole so you may need to buy a new one.
Type of aerial: As every aerial is designed for a specific purpose, the price of each will vary.
Strength of signal in your area: You may be required to choose a higher quality or more expensive aerial if the signal in your area is poor.
TV provider: It may be necessary to choose a specific type of aerial depending on your TV provider, which may increase the cost.
The number of TV points: The number of TV points you have may increase the cost of your aerial and adding new TV points will incur extra costs.
Accessibility: Harder to reach areas like the roof mean longer job times and increased labour costs.
Quality of aerial: The higher the quality of aerial you need, the higher the overall price.

About SAS

In Blackpool and the North West area, Satellite Aerial Services provides a comprehensive range of services, including aerial installation and TV setup, for all your personal and business needs. We endeavour to give professional, pleasant, and quick service to our consumers, which means we try to deliver same-day solutions whenever possible.

We provide you with more options for finding a convenient time to receive the services you require.

When and where we can, we believe in giving back to the community. We’ve donated to a number of charities throughout the years, provided services at auctions, and occasionally provided a whole aerial setup. We strive to do this at least once a year, and any charity or fund-raising event is taken into consideration, so do contact us if you have any suggestions for future campaigns.

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