Noisy air conditioners and their effect on our daily life

In the hotter months of summer, an air conditioner in Melbourne might be the best blessing that one could wish for, as it plays a critical role in our comfort and is an inevitable part of our everyday life whether we like it or not. But how can you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioner?
Air conditioners have made our lives more comfortable and convenient, but when should you consider upgrading your existing system?

Consider working in hot weather with simply a fan, which does not actually cool the air but only makes it feel cooler by moving around. It only makes life more difficult and miserable. Air conditioners are a godsend in such conditions, but what if the air conditioner makes your life more difficult by making it impossible to sleep, work, or accomplish daily tasks?

It is typical for an air conditioner to make some noise. It’s a good sign that it’s working. Whereas air conditioners generate a bothersome amount of noise, leaving you with little choice but to shout or play television/music as if your home is a theatre, which is later followed by headaches and a slew of other concerning health conditions.

No matter how old your air conditioner is, any noise it makes can be irritating. If your air conditioner is making an unusual noise, it could be a sign of trouble. Instead of endangering yourself or your system by rummaging around inside the unit, be cautious and have it inspected by an expert. When investing in air conditioning systems, one must consider noise along with other important elements such as capacity, efficiency, and cost so that when in use, one feels grateful for what s/he has purchased.

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Following are the different types of noises/sounds an Air Conditioner makes:


A rattle is caused by a loose bolt, fastener, screw, or any other small part that has fallen into the air conditioner’s vents. Instead of a loose element, it could be caused by a compressor or another more serious problem. If you suspect this, show it to a qualified technician.


Grinding usually signals a problem with the fan motors; the sound is similar to rubbing or scraping. The noise could have been caused by a worn bearing, a damaged or a loose belt.


When your air conditioner kicks on after a while, a popping noise may occur from the air conditioner’s air ducts. This usually indicates a problem with the ductwork rather than a problem with the central unit of your air conditioner.


Hissing is a form of noise produced by your ductwork, so have one of our trained specialists take a closer look. He can locate the source of the noise and notify you if there is a major problem.

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The effects of a noisy air conditioner!


Headaches/ Migraines: 

If you already suffer from migraines, constant screaming sounds from air conditioners can aggravate your condition. As they are sensitive to light and triggering stimuli, those suffering from these excruciating headaches want a calm, dark, and comfortable environment to relax. In such circumstances, if their split air conditioner system is inadequate and does not cooperate by constantly generating unpleasant noises, the situation will only deteriorate, and the AC will be the biggest adversary at that time. Work at home:

Since the epidemic, many people have begun to work from home, or, in the case of small firms, owners have little choice but to work from home. One can only work in a pleasant, quiet setting in order to focus on their jobs, plan better, take client phone calls, attend meetings, and so on. Working in hot, sticky weather is impossible, but working next to a noisy air conditioner is even more difficult. In such instances, one should seriously consider purchasing a smooth-running air conditioner rather than one that sounds like a jet engine flying.

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Infants sleeping:

It is believed that putting a child to sleep is one of the most difficult undertakings ever. Imagine putting your child to bed for 45 minutes to an hour, only to have him or she awaken due to a noisy air conditioner, which you believe was installed as a luxury for you and your family. Of course, in this hot heat, this is the last thing you want to happen.

Observing TV shows/movies:

Are you planning a movie night with your buddies at your house? Do not overlook the fact that a loud air conditioner in your living room can ruin your fully-planned fun night. Because the noise of the air conditioner is loud enough, the voices of TV characters are not heard, and you may not even understand what your friends are saying.

A good night’s sleep:

Coming home after a long day at work or simply attempting to sleep after a long day is all that one want. But, once our air conditioner starts up so loudly that it disturbs our sleep, there is no turning back. Once you’ve been disturbed, you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep, resulting in lethargy and migraines, all because of your air conditioner.

Peace among Neighbors:

A noble person would never wish to endanger someone else’s serenity for the sake of their own. Apartments/buildings are growing more compact and close together as the world grows more interconnected. The size of our blocks is shrinking, bringing us closer to our neighbors. The noise from your air conditioner unit causes a commotion throughout the neighborhood. As a result, a well-functioning air conditioner should be considered.


Beyond Heating and Cooling at your service

Noisy air conditioners may wreak havoc on both your physical and mental wellbeing. As a result, when purchasing an air conditioner, take into account all available precautions so that you do not come to regret it later.

Beyond Heating and Cooling Melbourne experts can assist you in all air conditioning systems installation and repairs depending on the size and area of your room.

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