The Waterproof, Full-Length Jack Murphy Malvern Coat

Jack Murphy Malvern Coat – is this the best Ladies Outdoor Coat available? This coat can come in handy if you enjoy spending time outside in the rain or snow. The Malvern is ideal for walking dogs, horseback riding, and viewing sporting events. This is a classic raincoat for the outdoors, and some of our customers have had theirs for years and have expanded their wardrobes to include other colours.

Jack Murphy’s Malvern Coat is a waterproof full-length coat with leg straps, a shoulder cape, and a detachable hood. It also includes the Malvern waterproof treatment, which pairs well with Jack Murphy’s fabric to ensure that this coat performs magnificently in bad weather. It’s excellent as a Bush coat.

All sizes and colours are always in stock, with certain colours on SALE, and new shipments from the manufacturer arrive weekly.
Jack Murphy’s Malvern Raincoat is a timeless masterpiece.

The Malvern coat has been a best-seller in the Jack Murphy Ladies Heritage Collection for nearly two decades. This medium weight coat is comfortable and functional, with a premium quality YKK two-way zip, Jack Murphy Branded snap fasteners, two waist pockets, internal wallet pocket, mobile phone pocket, adjustable cuffs, and waterproof taped seams.

Because of the large back vent, the Malvern Ladies Coat is ideal for riding, but it is also excellent for a wide range of outdoor activities and is particularly popular with dog walkers.

The outer fabric is totally waterproof, and the seams are sealed to keep it that way. Rain is kept out by armbands on the shoulder cape. The inner collar is lined with Microfleece, which adds to the coat’s comfort.

A lined Detachable Hood is included.

Jack Murphy Malvern Coat

The shell fabric is made of 100% polyester, the body lining is made of 100% acrylic, and the sleeve lining is made of 100% polyester.

The Cotswold Coat by Jack Murphy is also available.

Sizing and Measurements for Jack Murphy’s Malvern Waterproof Coat


When laid flat and measured across the front at the chest:

  • the 8 measures 21 inches (53.3 cm)
  • the 10 measures 22 inches (55.88 cm)
  • the 12 measures 23 inches (58.42 cm)
  • the 14 measures 24 inches (60.96 cm)
  • the 16 measures 25 inches (63.5 cm)
  • the 18 measures 26 inches (66.04 cm)
  • the 20 measures 27 inches (68.58 cm)
  • the 22 measures 28 inches (71.12 cm)
  • the 24 measures 29 inches (71.12 cm) (73.66 cm)

When measuring across the hips, add one inch to the above measurements.
The waist and chest sizes are identical.
The bottom hem measurement differs by 2 cm from the chest/bust measurement.
Comparing these measures to a jacket you already own is a good idea.

ADVICE ON SIZING From the top of the rear collar to the hem, these are the measurements:

Size 8 is 121 cm long.
10 – 121 cm in length
Size 14 has a length of 12 – 122 cm and a width of 123 cm.
Various sizes are available, ranging from 16 to 20 centimetres to 124 centimetres.

You can buy with confidence. Fleet Equestrian will gladly swap (or refund) your coat if you choose the wrong size or colour.

Jack Murphy Malvern coats have YKK zippers. What is it about YYK that makes it so unique? The secret to YKK’s success is simple, yet impressive: YKK manufactures exceptionally durable zippers. In the apparel sector, YKK is often regarded as a safe bet.

The distinctive signature design check lining that has been a Jack Murphy hallmark, as well as the attention to detail that has become a Jack Murphy trademark, are both featured in the Jack Murphy Malvern Coat.

The Jack Murphy Malvern Coat is Long-Lasting and Durable.

It’s renowned for its durability, with some customers purchasing their second coat after 25 years! The Malvern raincoat is ideal for any outdoor activity, including hacking, woods treks, and daily commutes. It offers extensive security without sacrificing style.

  • Waterproof and windproof coat with a full-length zipper.
  • For comprehensive rainproofing, there are over 20,000 waterproof seals with bonded seams.
  • Rainwater can trickle down the shoulders thanks to the cape’s stylish and useful shape.
  • A detachable hood and adjustable cuffs provide additional rain protection.
  • The historical check lining by Jack Murphy provides warmth.
  • Air vents under the arms enhance breathability.
  • There is a single rear vent with an internal flap for mobility.
  • Inside leg straps for added protection and to keep your legs dry.
  • There are two zips for easy mobility.
  • For extra comfort, the collar has corduroy edging.
  • The lining has a heritage check pattern when the cuffs are turned up.
  • Slanted front pockets and an internal pocket
  • Designed for outdoor and equestrian use.
  • Because the Malvern is a little roomy to allow for layering, some customers choose to size down.

Jack Murphy Malvern Coat Reviews

“Attractive quality at a reasonable price. Comfortable to wear, with plenty of room underneath for layering in chilly temperatures. Weatherproof and perfect for wet days when walking our dog! Colours are well-chosen, and the caps are coordinated.”

“I like the raincoat since it is a decent colour, fit, and length. It was simple to order, and I thought I was given enough information to make an informed decision.”

“What a great deal! It’s ideal for taking the dogs for a walk in the rain. It keeps me dry and warm without making me feel claustrophobic. Good deep pockets with a secure interior pocket for your phone, keys, and other valuables. It’s fantastic.”

“This coat was purchased for me by my husband, and it fits perfectly. I adore the colour, and the coat is warm and has kept me dry in the rain. The detachable hood is ideal because I’ll be able to remove it during the summer months when the weather is dry and cold. I’m 5’3″ and the coat falls just above my ankles, which is the ideal length for me.”

“A buddy recommended the coat to me after they were pleased with their purchase. I decided to get one for myself, and I’m glad I did. I can see me wearing this a lot in winter because it’s both stylish and warm. I would strongly suggest buying one.”

“Warm and waterproof, this coat is exceptional. In Cornwall, it was thoroughly tested on several windy and rainy autumnal casual walks along the shore. No more wet legs, and the length is exactly appropriate for wellies. It’s ideal for taking your dog for a walk in the city or in a park.”

“I’ve owned similar coats before and found them to be somewhat warmer and more robust than a cheaper version that only lasted a year in my experience. The olive colour is a subtle country colour, and the lining is soft; the length and style make it suitable for muddy treks and wet days in town or in the country. That’s just what I needed!”

Image text: "Tips to stop eating sugar".About Jack Murphy Clothing

Jack Murphy started his first firm in the apparel sector in 1950. This was a time when all of the garments were created, cut, stitched, packaged, and delivered from a single small local factory in his home country of Ireland.

Jack Murphy has a long-standing partnership with Fleet Farm & Equestrian; we’ve been stocking their collections for over 10 years. Their high-quality, traditional country designs, along with their practical waterproof clothes, resulting in a collection of products that add style and sophistication to the outdoor and country clothing market.


Jack Murphy was born in 1922, the son of a fish seller in one of Dublin’s busiest marketplaces, Capel St. During the 1930s, he grew up in Dublin’s city centre, during a period of significant upheaval in Ireland.

When WWII broke out, Jack was only 17 years old, and three years later he joined the Royal Air Force in Belfast. As a radar control officer, he was stationed at Hiroshima, Japan. Jack was flown back to Britain in 1945 after suffering a knee injury.

Jack married Frances in 1950, and the couple moved to Skerries, Co. Dublin, with their five children. It was here that he started his first clothes business. He had a little local factory where he made clothes and delivered them all around the capital. The entire process took place in one factory back then; garments were designed, cut, stitched, packaged, and delivered.

Years later, his second son Michael would follow in his footsteps and join him in the rag trade. Michael, who had already established a thriving fruit and vegetable stall in Skerries town, was eager to learn the ropes in the Irish garment business. Michael and his business partner began selling surplus army gear around Ireland during his stay there. They noticed a gap in the market for outdoor camping gear while on the road, often experiencing four seasons in one day.

They subsequently formed a company together, which became known as Jack Murphy Clothing over time. Jack Murphy Clothing began selling outdoor clothing and camping goods in the 1980s and has grown tremendously over the last 35 years. From these beginnings, the well-known town and country clothes business has grown to offer lines that are still designed in Ireland. As a family business, the company stays faithful to its core beliefs of bringing quality, elegance, and sophistication to functional clothes. This mentality exemplifies the man who started it all: Jack Murphy.

Michael Murphy, his son, is still the managing director of Jack Murphy. Sarah, Michael’s daughter, has recently joined the family business and is learning the ropes from her father.

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