Hemp-Derived CBD Skin Care: Why CBDistillery Is a Brand You Can Trust: There are numerous reasons to consider purchasing hemp-derived CBD products. However, for all of the positive headlines highlighting the cannabinoid’s numerous potential skin advantages, there are plenty of reasons to question the integrity of some of the many cosmetic businesses incorporating CBD into their products. In many ways, their disturbing lack of transparency is unsurprising.

Even when CBD is removed from the mix, priorities can differ dramatically from one organisation to the next. Far too many people are utilising CBD as a marketing tool to increase sales, with little concern for purity, potency, or consumer trust. As soon as you know what to look for to avoid a possibly disappointing purchase, CBDistillery is a trusted CBD skincare company.

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Why Are CBD Oils Being Added to Skincare Products?

CBD (cannabidiol) differs from other skincare active ingredients in several ways. As soon as it’s absorbed, the cannabinoid mimics the effects of natural skin lipids by engaging with key receptors on practically every type of skin cell, including those that control barrier function, oil production, skin cell turnover, collagen formation and moisture retention. Because that interaction helps restore critical balance, cosmetic companies include CBD into their products to aid with various skin issues, from blemishes and breakouts to apparent indications of ageing.

What Are the Characteristics of a Reliable Company?

Once you’ve decided to test what CBD skincare can do for your skin, you’ll discover that there are far more product alternatives than you might imagine. However, being cautious might be beneficial. Some ostensibly remarkable brands charge exorbitant fees for items that contain insufficient CBD to affect your skin. Others claim to provide “natural” CBD skincare, but ingredient lists reveal artificial scents, parabens, and other skin irritants. That is why it is critical to use CBD products from a trustworthy company with a name you can trust.

BOTA skincare products are a subsidiary of the Balanced Health Botanicals (BHB) family, a well-known industry leader dedicated to providing high-quality, reasonably priced CBD products, continual consumer education, and the #CBDMOVEMENT. As you browse our skincare items, you’ll see the following certifications and production standards, which show you’ve chosen a reliable company.

Our Quality Promise

Our BOTA CBD skincare products are guaranteed to be of the finest quality at CBDistillery. We are committed to every production stage, from seed selection to product distribution, as a vertically integrated corporation. Assurance of quality begins with the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other potentially harmful agents in organically grown, non-GMO, domestic crops. The cannabinoid-rich oil is collected from the plant’s stalks, stems, and flowers after the mature plants have been harvested. CO2 extraction of our full-spectrum CBD oil preserves the cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles. 1,2


Certification by the US Hemp Authority®

Consumers appreciate knowing that regulatory standards manufacture the products they are purchasing. BOTA CBD skincare products are US Hemp Authority certified, as evidenced by a seal that can only be exhibited by businesses that meet strict quality standards. Those seeking certification must first complete rigorous training in critical production areas to be evaluated. Companies that get certification are audited and recertified every year to verify that best practices are followed in all aspects of production. 3,4

Certification as a Leaping Bunny

Many cosmetic companies use the word “cruelty-free” to indicate that their products and the components used to produce them have not been tested on animals. However, because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers the claim too ambiguous to be enforceable, any brand can “borrow” the wording. In order to evaluate which businesses are truly cruelty-free and which are simply exploiting the label for marketing purposes, it may necessitate a little detective work.5 BOTA CBD skincare products are Leaping Bunny certified, demonstrating our dedication to animal welfare.

Certification for Current Good Manufacturing Practices

BOTA CBD skincare products are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility. This certification indicates that the facility is inspected regularly and fulfils (or exceeds) the FDA’s criteria for Current Good Manufacturing Practices. The standards address raw material selection, extraction, manufacture, quality control, and other topics. The FDA conducts routine inspections to ensure compliance, and the facility is held accountable for quality control infractions. Noncompliance can result in the seizure of goods, substantial penalties, and, in some situations, criminal charges. 6

Third-Party Verifiable Test Results

Reputable CBD firms rely on a third-party lab to confirm that their hemp-derived CBD products meet consumer standards for purity, potency, and overall quality. Using an unbiased third-party lab assures that our cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts are as pure and potent as we promise, as well as free of microbial contamination and solvent residue. Every product’s Certificate of Analysis is available on our website. You may also view the batch test results for any of our products by scanning the QR code on the product label. Verifiable evidence backs up any company’s claim that their product has been tested by a third party.

Are You Ready to Try CBD Skincare Derived from Hemp?

BOTA CBD skincare products are crafted with some of nature’s best plant oils and extracts, with components chosen for specific skin issues. We integrated hemp-derived CBD into each product once we felt we had the appropriate botanical balance. Although the only way to know how our plant-powered CBD products can benefit your skin is to test them, you may shop with confidence knowing you’ve found a reputable CBD skincare brand dedicated to purity, potency, and customer happiness.

Every product in our exquisite skincare collection has been third-party tested, is approved by the US Hemp-Authority®, is Leaping Bunny certified, and is backed by our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Visit CBDistillery to learn more about the numerous skin advantages of our plant-powered CBD skincare products. Then have a look at our hemp-derived CBD toners, serums, moisturisers, and body care products, which are pure, strong CBD skincare products from a reputable business.

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