how to stop snoring

Natural Remedies For Snoring

Natural remedies for snoring can help you get a good night’s sleep. You can try turmeric, Fenugreek, and ginger. But these remedies will not work for everyone. If you continue to snore after trying these remedies, it is important to see a doctor. It is possible that you might have sleep apnoea, which can’t be cured by simply changing your position.

how to stop snoring

Natural ways to stop snoring

If you have a persistent problem with snoring, you may be wondering what natural ways to stop snoring are. The good news is that there are many options. You can try drinking a mixture of honey and olive oil before bed. Honey has antiseptic and antioxidant properties, and is a great way to keep the nasal passages clear. You can also drink a herbal tea made from goldenseal. Taken daily, goldenseal will help you relax the throat and relieve congestion and swelling.

A blocked nasal passage can cause a person to snore. A steamy shower can help open up the nasal passages. Using a nasal spray can also help. It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages before bed, as these can interfere with proper sleep. Also, make sure to drink enough water before bed, as consuming too much can affect sleep. According to the Institute of Medicine, adults should drink between sixteen and 11 cups of water daily.

Allergens can intensify the problem, so avoid letting the allergy triggers thrive in the bedroom. Keep the bedroom clean, and regularly change pillows and sheets. Using body pillows may also help. If your bedroom has a wall on one side, sleep with your back against it to avoid the snoring problem. Another natural way to stop snoring is to wear breathing strips while you sleep, which can open your nasal passages and stop snoring.

You should also try to lose weight, if possible. You can try Acai Berry, Goji Berry or African Mango. These work great for weight loss.


One home remedy to stop snoring is ginger, a common ingredient. Ginger has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and coat the throat. Additionally, ginger increases the production of saliva, which soothes the throat and helps stop snoring. Drinking a cup of ginger and honey tea can reduce your snoring and help you sleep better. It may seem strange, but ginger helps soothe sore throats, so it’s an excellent way to stop snoring.

Another popular remedy to stop snoring is drinking honey and carrot juice. The combination of these two foods is a natural remedy that is believed to help with many health conditions, including snoring. Ginger, especially, stimulates saliva secretion and soothes the throat, which will reduce your snoring. The combination of carrots and ginger also promotes sleep, and both foods have diuretic properties. However, the juice will still give you the health benefits of the vegetables and fruit.

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Garlic and turmeric are also excellent natural remedies for snoring. Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can be eaten in a variety of forms, including tea, yogurt, and honey. They are also effective in improving the air flow. You can drink garlic, turmeric, and honey as a drink, but make sure you avoid the soy and milk varieties. It has been shown to help stop snoring by up to 40 percent.


A cup of warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric before bedtime can help to cure snoring. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and helps to clear blocked airways. It can also boost the immune system. Drinking this remedy every day can help prevent snoring and also help you get a better night’s sleep. Here are some other remedies:

Turmeric and ginger are powerful anti-inflammatory herbs. Both can be taken raw or cooked, but they have anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger increases saliva secretion, which soothes the throat and gives relief from snoring. You can add a few teaspoons of turmeric to your milk before bed to see results quickly. Also, if you are overweight, you might want to lose some of that weight as the extra tissues in the throat can cause snoring.

One way to stop snoring is to add peppermint oil to the humidifier in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can rub olive oil on your nose before you go to bed. The anti-inflammatory property of olive oil reduces airway swelling and the vibrations that cause snoring. Mix the olive oil with honey and use this solution daily before you go to sleep. This remedy will help you get a better night’s sleep.

Another home remedy for snoring is eucalyptus oil. This oil can help clear nasal passages, while its sedative properties relax the thoracic muscles. You can also gargle with a hot water mixture that contains eucalyptus oil. Garlic can also help fight snoring because it helps clear the respiratory system and prevents mucus build-up in the nasal passage.


You can try an herbal tea made of fenugreek and tulsi leaves, as these herbs are also known for fighting congestion and snoring. Moreover, you should stay away from dairy products as these contain a lot of mucus that clogs your airways and causes you to snore. A cup of this tea mixed with honey before sleep is also a good idea. And while you’re at it, consider drinking fenugreek and spearmint tea. These two herbs are both useful to fight the symptoms of sleep apnea, so you can try both herbal teas and capsules.

Fenugreek is widely used in Indian cooking and is a great way to prevent or reduce snoring. It has a calming effect on the body and works to soften mucus, which helps to prevent and cure snoring. Fenugreek can be taken fresh from the garden, or it can be purchased in herbal tea or capsule form at any health store.

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If fenugreek is not effective, you can try peppermint essential oil. Peppermint helps open the throat and let air pass. A chamomile infusion also helps decongestant properties. It is a great option for treating snoring caused by digestive issues. Whether you’re looking for a natural alternative, peppermint and fenugreek can help.


The herb spearmint can help you to stop snoring because it soothes the throat and fights off excess stomach acid. You can take spearmint in tea or capsule form. Chamomile and lavender are well known for their stress-reducing properties and are great to use to help you sleep. Try blending one of these essential oils into an aromatherapy diffuser to help you to stop snoring.

Another effective herbal remedy is eucalyptus oil, which is widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps reduce mucus in the nasal passages, which is one of the causes of snoring. The herb is also helpful in stopping snoring when applied topically. Sage can be applied topically to the face or inhale the vapour through your nose.

Another way to stop snoring naturally is to sniff peppermint oil. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which is known to reduce swelling in the nose and throat. Apply it to the nose and lower portion of the throat before going to bed. Goldenseal can relieve chest and nasal congestion. Use this remedy as directed to improve your sleeping habits. It can also help reduce snoring.

Herbal treatments are another option. You can apply peppermint oil topically on the bottom of your feet before bed to open up your airways and promote better sleep. This treatment is effective for people who snore regularly and is safe and effective for most people. However, many individuals find peppermint too powerful. It is important to dilute the essential oil before applying it topically.

Facial steam bowl

One of the most effective home remedies for snoring is using eucalyptus oil. It is effective in clearing the nasal passages and fighting chest congestion. Simply add eucalyptus oil to a facial steam bowl filled with hot water and use the steam to inhale. Garlic is also an effective natural remedy for snoring and is known to reduce snoring.

In addition to peppermint oil, another natural remedy for snoring is olive oil. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help ease tissues along the respiratory tract. Mix some olive oil with water and breathe deeply. After you breathe deeply, place a towel over your head and gently apply the oil. Repeat this process three or four times per day until you are free of snoring.

While the effects of this remedy are temporary, it may help your condition. It is best to consult a medical professional if you have persistent snoring, as it may be a sign of a larger problem. Some treatments can be permanent, such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, which involves rearranging tissue in the throat. The surgery may result in voice changes and difficulty swallowing.

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